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European Search Engines
Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, France, UK, Russia

Following find a list of the most important Search Engines of several European countries.
Usually, Search Engines will find your website following links pointing to your website.
If you still wish to add your website manually to some Search Engines,
you can also find the URLs for manual submission to the Search Engines in this list.

German Search Engines

Google.de - Submit
Bing.de - Submit
Yahoo.de - Submit via Bing
T-online.de - Submit via Google
Web.de - Submit via Google

Austrian Search Engines

Google.at - Submit
Bing.at - Submit
Yahoo.at - Submit via Bing
Moose.at - Submit
Socia.at - Submit
Austrobot.at - Submit via Bing

Swiss Search Engines

Google.ch - Submit
Bing.ch - Submit
Yahoo.ch - Submit via Bing
Search.ch - Submit
Bluewin.ch Submit via Google

Italian Search Engines

Google.it - Submit
Bing.it - Submit
Yahoo.it - Submit via Bing
Virgilio.it - Submit via Google
Arianna.Libero.it - Submit via Google

French Search Engines

Google.fr - Submit
Bing.fr - Submit
Yahoo.fr - Submit via Bing
Orange.fr - Submit
Voila.fr - Submit via Orange

British Search Engines

Google.co.uk - Submit - Submit Apps
Bing.co.uk - Submit
Yahoo.co.uk - Submit via Bing
Aol.co.uk - Submit via Google

Russian Search Engines

Yandex.ru - Submit
Google.ru - Submit
Mail.ru - Submit
Rambler.ru - Submit via Yandex
Bing.ru - Submit
Yahoo.ru - Submit via Bing

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